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Hello Out There!! - Episode Descriptions

Hey People. This community has been very quiet for a long, long time. Anyone still out there? Season 2 starts June 11 so hopefully there will be more activity around here. In the mean time, here are the episode descriptions for the first three episodes.

Episode #13: “Damage Control”
In the aftermath of her “Mother of the Year” debacle at the governor’s mansion, Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) retreats into her own world, leaving Nicki (Chloë Sevigny) and Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) to take up the slack. Hell-bent on learning who betrayed the family, Bill (Bill Paxton) gathers evidence against Home Plus employee Wendy (Jodie Markell). Having nearly succumbed to Wanda’s (Melora Walters) poisoning, Alby (Matt Ross) urges Roman (Harry Dean Stanton) to take revenge against Joey (Shawn Doyle) and Bill. Continuing to track suspects, Bill makes dinner plans with neighbors Carl (Carlos Jacott) and Pam Martin (Audrey Wasilewski), but Barb wants no part of the evening. Meanwhile, Wanda faces an inquisition at Juniper Creek, and Joey feels the squeeze from Roman, despite Bill’s assurances that Roman will drop his charges in the wake of a state investigation. At home, Sarah (Amanda Seyfried) meets Scott (Aaron Paul), an older suitor, at an ex-Mormon meeting.

Episode #14: “The Writing on the Wall”
Home Plus billboards have been defaced, leading Bill and Don (Joel McKinnon Miller) to scramble for repairs and rethink Bill’s public face on Home Plus. Registering for college courses, Barb’s check bounces, and the culprit turns out to be Nicki. At Juniper Creek, Joey finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place, sending Nicki, accompanied by Margene, on a remedial trip to the compound. Rebuked by Roman, Alby looks to settle his vendetta. Now working at Home Plus, Ben (Douglas Smith) comes clean to Brynn (Sarah Jones) about his family, while Sarah is caught in a lie with Scott. In the midst of crises, Bill and Barb forget Nicki’s anniversary, and Joey makes a decision that will have far-ranging implications.

Episode #15: “Reunion”
Bill and Nicki drive to Juniper Creek for a family reunion - and a council vote that Bill hopes to leverage against Roman in Joey’s case. Arriving at Lois’ (Grace Zabriskie) cabin, they are surprised to find her brother Eddie (Brian Kerwin) in residence, overseeing Lois’ new laundromat investment. At home, Barb catches Ben in a compromising position with Margene, and Sarah later catches him in an even more compromising one with Brynn. Ashamed, Ben considers pledging himself to Straight Edge, a group of hard-liners. Margene decides to call Cindy (Judith Hoag) about Barb, but ends up complicating their estrangement when Cindy changes her phone number. At the compound, Alby refuses to toe the party line, which results in Nicki and Bill cutting short their visit, just as a family group photo is about to be taken. Rhonda (Daveigh Chase) pledges herself to Roman, but ends up having second thoughts. Back home, Bill discusses a radical, polygamy-proof business option with Don.
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