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Multi-Fandom RP

Welcome to Camp Nowhere. The camp without adults, without rules, without a drinking age.
Camp Nowhere is a role play game that welcomes any character from any fandom imaginable. Characters must be between 12 and 17, or in other words, kids who just got out of 6th to ones about to go into 12th. Making characters older or younger than they really are is just peachy keen. Want to play Giles as a 12-year-old? Go right ahead! Want to play baby Stewie at 17? No problem! There's a few measley rules to keep everything nice and clean, and one adult to keep up appearances and help us mods out. So why don't you wander over and take a look. Read the rules, look at the characters already taken, think about which character you'd like to play partying it up at a no-rules no-adults summer camp, then apply! Right now, there are no Big Love characters taken. Feel free to sign up!
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