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Spoilers for Season 2

I have further spoiler information about episode two season two:

2.02 "The Writing..."

It's Nikki and Bill's anniversary.

One of Home Plus's billboards is defaced which leads to Don and Bill having an amusing/odd conversation with the president of the firm which puts up the billboards. The guy has serious issues with Lady Bird Johnson and is really eccentric. In the end, Bill lectures him about respect and demands that his billboard get fixed right away.

Ben has a job and Home Plus and while on a break he's meeting with Brynn at the back docking bay. He tells her that his family "believe in the everlasting covenant of plural marriage."
Brynn assumes this is why Ben is so weird about his body and sex all the time. Ben insists he isn't weird.

Rhonda is in a recording studio (at Juniper Creek I think) and is laying down vocal tracks for "Oh Happy Day." Professional back up singers are not impressed by her. At the same time, Joey and ROman are making some sort of deal.

Heather visits Barb and they have a surreal conversation where Heather offers to be an ear if Barb needs to talk.

Margene wants to see Juniper Creek, to see where Nikki and Bill come from. Nikki seems hesitant to take her and comments that she can't go dressed the way she is. Margene eventually ends up at Lois's house.

Alby is making a complaint to the police about Wanda poisoning him. He has his medical records, the note and keeps insisting that he wants to make the complaint anonymously. There is a lot of sexual tension and teh stage directions keep mentioning that Alby is attracted to the police officer and notices that all of the uniformed men are wearing very tight pants.

Barb is enjoying being back in college.

Turns out that Nikki's anniversary present from Bill is power tools.

Joey tells the police that he poisoned Alby, not Wanda. He's arrested.

I'll make another post about episode three once I have a chance to read through the sides.
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